Legacy Rose Garden

We all have a Rolling Ridge story.  What's yours?

Imagine stepping onto the lawn outside of Tyson Hall. With the overgrown shrubs removed, imagine the grandeur of this area back in the day as you overlook the Grand Allay leading to the shore of Lake Cochichewick. 

Imagine all the people whose lives have been transformed over seven decades of camps and retreats.   With our new Legacy Rose Garden, we want to remember and honor loved ones who have been blessed by the beauty of Rolling Ridge. 

Imagine five lovely engraved benches sitting just before the retaining wall that presides over the lawn. Imagine a beautiful arbor leading to original stone steps going down to the lawn.  Imagine a magnificent rose garden bordered with paving stones with over four dozen rose bushes to each side of the steps.

We invite you to honor someone with an engraved 12x12 paver or bench.  Celebrate the legacy of someone in your life in our new Legacy Rose Garden. 

With very limited availability, purchase your engraved paver or bench by clicking here, or on the picture below.  Legacy benches are $1,000 each, and Garden pavers are $200 each.